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Copa Sandino

‘Copa Sandino 2013’ – ‘Vivir limpio, sano, bonito, seguro’.

Sunday 19th May, 2013 at Ashton Park Secondary School, Blackmoors Lane, Ashton, Bristol, BS3 2JL

Raising money through football for Bristol’s twin town, ‘Puerto Morazan’, Nicaragua…

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L to R: ‘Copa Sandino’ in action, Bristol/Educational programmes in ‘Puerto Morazan’, Nicaragua where a proportion of the funds are channelled…

Background: ‘Copa Sandino 2013’

Bristol’s twin town is ‘Puerto Morazan’ in Nicaragua and, since 1987, Bristol has held this yearly charity football tournament to raise money for a range of solidarity, educational, health and development projects for this community. Over 20,000 UK pounds have been raised during this period. The tournament is named after the famous hero of the Nicaraguan liberation struggle, ‘Augusto César Sandino’. To date, pre-schools have been built, women’s shrimp farming co-ops supported, mosquito breeding grounds eradicated, girl’s football teams founded and many more beneficial and inspiring projects.

Football teams from Bristol’s local Latin communities compete, including the University of Bristol’s ‘Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies’. Over 200 players participate whilst other members of the public enjoy Latin American food and music on soundsystems. In 2007, the ‘Copa Lucrecia Lindo’ for women’s teams was established and is attended by an envoy from the Nicaraguan Embassy. The ‘Copa Sandino’ is an initiative by ‘Bristol Link’ with Nicaragua (BLINC), who have been working in solidarity with the people of Nicaragua since 1985. BLINC manages the twinning agreement, signed in 1989.

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Dr Matthew Brown fusing art and academics for the University’s HIPLA football team, ‘Deportivo WR’

Football photos: Gloria Lanci




Sporting success for students in Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
19 May 2013

“Deportivo Woodland Road 2” – a six-a-side football team made up of students from the ‘Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies’ – has won the 26th edition of the annual ‘Copa Sandino’.
Representatives of the Nicaraguan Embassy to the UK presented Captain Daniel Thacker (second year German and Spanish) with the trophy after his team displayed fine skills during the final of the tournament at Ashton Park school on May 19th 2013.
CopaSandioDeportivoEquipo2013This was the eighth time ‘Deportivo Woodland Road’ have entered the ‘Copa Sandino’ and the first time they had even reached the quarter-finals. This year, the students of ‘Deportivo Woodland Road 2’ took on their lecturers whose team, ‘Deportivo Woodland Road 1’, was captained by Dr Matthew Brown and Aris da Silva. The students defeated the staff 3-0 and went on to win the final on penalty kicks.  Aris da Silva said: “They were lucky to beat us, but at least our name is on the trophy.” Twenty teams took part, including those representing Latin American communities in Bristol.

A Gift Aid from an anonymous donor meant that the ‘Copa Sandino 2013’ raised £6,250 for education projects in Puerto Morazán. The plans now are to construct another pre-school as well as completing on-going community projects. The Nicaraguan Embassy diplomats enjoyed the day of football played in a Latin American spirit and also giving away bottles of Nicaraguan Rum, poetry books and singing ‘Nicaraguita’ before the women’s final.