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Semana Cultural - March 7th to 15th 2013, Dept. of Hispanic, Portugese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol Jessica Quinones and Hans Hess special concert event - Monday 11th March 2013, Dept. of Hispanic, Portugese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol   Michael Jacobs "The Robber of Memories - A River Journey Through Columbia" Thursday 21st March 2013, Dept. of Hispanic, Portugese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol An Invitation to all Latin Americans in Bristol to reunite socially and share your experiences of being in Bristol - Tuesday 30th April 2013, Watershed, BristolHolly Holden and Alain Garcia Artola "Making Music in Cuba" Thursday 14th March 2013, Dept. of Hispanic, Portugese & Latin American Studies, University of Bristol

Celebrating ‘Latin America in Bristol’, Tuesday April 30th, 6 – 9pm at The WATERSHED

Latin Public at the Watershed, Bristol
Latin Smiles at the Watershed, Bristol
Full House at the Watershed, Bristol

The University of Bristol’s “Department of Hispanic, Portuguese & Latin American Studies” extended an invitation to all Latin Americans living in Bristol to reunite socially, enjoy tapas, drinks, music & to share ideas & some of your experiences of being a Latin American in this city. This was general research designed to identity issues and concerns, joys and personal testimonies with the overall aim of increasing local awareness of the diversity of Latin American culture.

Visual presentation: Picture Download Folder icon Note: map of Latin America in the visual presentation does not include every nation’s flag.

The Educators by Bristol’s Latin fusion band, ‘Up, Bustle & Out

Michael Jacobs gave a reading & discussion on his travel book, The Robber of Memories to a full house on Thursday 21st March Stanfords travel bookshop, Bristol - logoat Stanfords Travel bookshop, 29 Corn Street, Bristol. The event included riverboat music by ‘Up, Bustle & Out’, interpreting various songs from the film soundtrack, ‘Love in the time of cholera’, as well as food & wine.

Up, Bustle and Out, acoustic performance at Stanfords Travel & Maps, Bristol 21st March 2013 - Cuffy: Flamenco Guitar, Eugenia; Vocals and Percussion, Rupert: Flutes & Percussion

Cuffy ‘El Guapo’ playing Flamenco guitar; Eugenia Ledesma, vocals and percussion; Rupert Medd, flutes and percussion; photography and filming, Marcos Sharry.
Watch here:
Rio Magdalena
Hay Amores
Dream Of Land and Freedom


‘Toasters’, Michael Jacobs and Tony, South America book and map section, Stanfords, Bristol, 2013.

The Río Magdalena carves through the heart of Colombia & is emblematic of the fascination & tragedy of South America – for centuries it was one of the primary routes into South America’s interior. In 2011, Michael Jacobs travelled its entire length. In his talk and book, he conveyed the intricacies of the river’s voices & history, describing exploration, memory, a chance meeting with Gabriel García Márquez, environmental decline & political violence.

The evening was supported by the University of Bristol, the Arts & Humanities Research Council’s ‘Cultural Engagement Fund’ & Stanfords Travel and Maps.

‘Cultural week’ / ‘Semana Cultural’, March 11 – 15th, 2013

X Planet, Holly Holden and Alain Artola SantanderLogo
‘X Planet’, Holly Holden and Alain Artola, performed funky Caribbean fusion music at the ‘Semana Cultural’ on 14th March 2013. Holly had previously studied in the ‘Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies’ at the University of Bristol, then went to Cuba where she built her band.
Live in Havana – The Perfect Recipe

The University of Bristol’s ‘Department of Hispanic, Portuguese and Latin American Studies’ offered a full week of events celebrating the creative and eclectic aspects to Latin American culture growing throughout Bristol. These included singers in Indigenous languages, esteemed Argentine and Chilean poets, and classical musicians interpreting Tango, Bossa Nova and Samba.

These events were intended to provide Latin American artists with the opportunity to show their work and to discuss their lives by engaging with students and the general public. It is part of a project which aims to strengthen cross-cultural links among Latin Americans in Bristol and stimulate a deeper awareness of Latin American culture within the city’s already diverse population.

Many thanks to the week’s sponsors: The Arts & Humanities Research Council’s ‘Cultural Engagement Fund’, Santander Bank & the University of Bristol.

Click here for a YouTube video capturing the week’s performances and atmosphere (6mins). Music by ‘Up, Bustle & Out’.

Still frame 1 from Semana Cultural video
Still frame 2 from Semana Cultural video
Still frame 3 from Semana Cultural video
Still frame 4 from Semana Cultural video

Slide show of Romina Berenice Canet’s Argentinian poetry presentation at ‘Semana Cultural’:Picture Download Folder icon


3 thoughts on “Event Archive

  1. GD, Student at Bristol University, HILPA + Italian

    Probably the only Department that shares any interest and actually partakes in cultural activities with the people living in Bristol and with the city’s multi – ethnic population. I was surprised to even see Black people at this Semana Cultural, let alone babies! The week was great, the video shows this as it was.

  2. Holly

    Remember when the whole ‘X Planet’ crew headed to Bristol in March to give a talk about music making in Cuba and cause a bit of mayhem in the Modern Languages common room? Well, since then I’ve stayed in touch with Rupert Medd who directed this year’s ‘Semana Cultural’ and who, in spite of endless battles with the University bureaucrats, not only put on one of the most exciting programmes I’d seen, but also set up a website dedicated to Latin American oriented events in Bristol. Funded by the ‘Arts and Humanities Research Council’ this website is an important part of an initiative seeking to deepen the University’s ties with the local creative sector and to promote awareness and understanding of the growing Latin American community in Bristol. A significant achievement and a really worthwhile cause. I’m delighted to say that ‘X Planet’ are featured quite prominently. Thank you HIPLA for the support. We’re also featured in a video which documents the fantastic ‘Semana Cultural’ 2013. I recommend you watch the video in it’s entirety to appreciate the diverse programme of events. .


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